Inkla project

The INKLA project

The Inkla project brought together two university researchers, five students from University of Social Sciences and Humanities, and ten secondary school students from five different schools in Silesia region of Poland.  The main idea of INKLA action research was to investigate the issue of bullying at school in order to find ways to prevent and stop it. In order to achieve it we  prepared ten secondary school students (Inkla Participants) so they could act as students field researchers and conduct research in their own school classes among classmates. It was designed as cycles of action and reflection to allow for knowledge creation and change implementation.

The goal was set to find out high school students’ attitudes to intragroup relations and the problems they may encounter, especially bullying. The goal was also to find practical ways to stop bullying and create friendly and supportive atmosphere in school classes. 

High school students conducted structured interviews with their classmates and analyzed it carefully. Data analysis was based on the idea of thematic analysis procedure (Braun, Clarke, 2006) within a constructivist framework (Burr, 1998). It mainly involved search across the data set to find repeated patterns of meaning.

The thematic analysis resulted in three main themes. Me and my class; Problems and conflicts; Witnessing bullying.