Photovoice ENG

Photovoice : “The bright and dark sides of interpersonal relations among peers.”

Photovoice method uses innovative participatory photography and digital storytelling. It enables people  to represent themselves, present their opinions and through that deliver positive social change.

Inkla participants decided to show how they perceive the advantages and disadvantages of their situation at school, class and peer group. All the pictures were taken by Inkla participants  so wide range of opinions and views were presented. During analysis a few reoccurring themes were noticed. The most apparent one presented in several pictures which illustrated youth need to be in a supportive group of friends and signed:

 „Together we are strong.” 

Wiktoria 2


„Together we can do everything.”



A good group lets us be ourselves – thanks to that we feel accepted and loved; we feel safe.”

Tosia 2


Although we are different we stick together.”

Tosia 1


„Friends are my fortress.”



Other pictures presented the darker side of peer group as the need to fight in order to survive; the necessity to pretend to be someone else or the sorrow of being outside the group:

“ If you get drowned it’s difficult to swim out.”.

Wiktoria 4


You have to fight in your group.”

Tosia 3


You have to have a thick skin in a group.”

Wiktoria 3


Students also presented their everyday worries and problems connected with school duties, time pressure and their insecurity about the future. They declared:

I feel restricted by my duties”

Zuzia 2


 “ I don’t know where to go.”

Zuzia 3


“ I am afraid about the future.”


Zuzia 1


School is overwhelming.”

Kasia 1


„Life isn’t easy.”

kasia i dominika 4

Inkla participants commented also on the process of collecting, taking and analyzing the pictures. As one of the participants said “Pictures are incredible way of transferring thoughts and emotions. Is shows the reality through authors eyes. The words are sometimes not enough.” “ Pictures can capture a moment, show emotions and allow for interpretations. This project provoked thoughts about my journey through my school years.”. They also noticed the great diversity within their peer groups and school classes. Asking their classmates to contribute to Photovoice assignment made them see many different views and attitudes on the same issues. “Pictures show that although we seem to be doing the same things our thoughts may be completely different.”


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